NFTs in our Brand.

The Digital World is a place where we're getting used to live in over the last decades. We're evolving, adapting and we're creating our reality and identity in it.

Darwin 2.0

Web is where most people don't show them self as they really are, no longer respecting physical laws or social barriers we are free to be whoever we want to.

Darwin 3.0

A "digital being" goes beyond religion, race, gender and doesn't belong any more to his alter-ego's social environment in the Real Life. That's what Evolution 3.0 stand for: Eradicate this concept and creating a global environment that embraces everyone.

The reason why I do this:

The digitization of an entity involve/imply some features, both positives and negatives, creating new problems but at the same time erasing some old problems. The creators of this experience are us.

Are other people involved?

Yes, throughout time I did collaborate/cooperate with artists who work in this world. They shared with me their experiences and helped me understanding the way to deal with this world and the way to make it available for everybody.

Bizzarro's Art

Preview and what we've accomplished

Marketplaces we chose

Platform with curatorship, chosen because of its exclusiveness of Darwin product and single works 1/1. Currently there are 2 collections active on this platform, both sold out.

Chosen because more free and accessible and where we can manage multiple copies which have specific functions correlated to tickets and other projects already illustrated.

Tezos blockchain platform, where I collect random works created in my spare time that don't belong to any collection and not related to any other project. I often give them as a gift to random supporters.

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